Dopamine Fasting and its benefits
04 May

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  1. Nelly

    So many helpful ideas in one article. It’s the first time I hear about Forest Bathing, although I believe I did something similar without knowing its terminology. I agree many people nowadays are addicted to their unhealthy ways. Myself included. I was recently introduced to living a more healthy and fulfilling life, by quitting coffee and chocolate, and since then many positive things happened in my life. Thanks for sharing your helpful insights.

  2. Kelsea

    This is fascinating! I have never heard of it explained like this just replace negative behaviors with positive behaviors. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dana

    This is a wonderful post about dopamine fasting. I find that I am getting an addiction to scrolling on my phone constantly. Thank you for the tips on fasting. I definitely will try journaling and meditation.

  4. Melanie O'Brien

    A great read. Thank for such a good article.

  5. Susan

    I know quite a bit about Dopamine, but did not know it’s released in large quantities with exposure to cold water! Lots more cold showers in my future!

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