My name is Sasha, I am 42 years old and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I am an avid practitioner of energy healing and karma yoga. My mission with this blog is to serve others by sharing my personal life experiences and the ways in which I have successfully healed myself from past traumas. I hope to provide the reader with guidance on how they can embark on their own journey of healing their wounds and becoming whole again. I aim to provide information on various topics such as meditation, healing, energy, trauma, life lessons, and overcoming obstacles that can sometimes keep us stuck for years.

I have been blessed with significant challenges in my life. Dealing with conditions such as ADHD and PMDD, along with experiencing periods of depression and suicidal thoughts, which has been a major part of my life journey. In the following sections, I will provide brief glimpses into episodes from my childhood to this day, offering insights of the challenges I have encountered.

From my perspective, spirituality, personal growth and expansion have never been easy. Instead they have presented challenges and struggles throughout my life. It is hard to expand and it is hard to change your perspective on severe life experiences, but it is possible. It is possible to heal, overcome obstacles, and still find love and compassion for oneself and others.

As time passes, life tends to become easier. With each trauma and wound that we heal, we shed burdens and create space for love to be present instead. We draw closer to who we truly are. It is essential to remember to show ourselves love, compassion and understanding. The more we cultivate these qualities within ourselves, the more we gain a deeper understanding of the people around us. We learn to see others suffering as our own which makes it easier to accept, love and show them compassion as well. 

“You can’t wait until life is not hard anymore before you decide to be happy” – Jane Marczewski “Nightbird” 2021


I grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm, next to a big enchanting forest. I often spent time in solitude going for adventures, exploring the beautiful woodlands, climbing mountains and building small huts. This was my safe haven.

Due to my parents’ early divorce, I grew up with my sisters and my mother in what could be described as a dysfunctional family (a common characteristic among many families). With my mother always working, I often found myself picked on at home by my older sisters. Unfortunately these experiences left deep and lasting impressions on me, since I was a highly sensitive child and took offense easily. 

As a result of my upbringing. With an absent mother and father, being picked on and ridiculed by my siblings, the constant arguing and suppressing of my persona left me inhibited and with a lot of suppressed anger. 

I experienced major limitations and difficulties in my personal development, and during my teenage years, I spiraled into severe addictions. 

I possess an addictive personality, and throughout my life, I have struggled with addiction to various substances, ranging from candy and food to a wide variety of drugs.

Young Adult

I met my ex-husband at a young age and our relationship lasted for 14 years. He has been and continues to be, my rock, consistently showing me love and support. His presence in my life helped me maintain stability and prevented me from losing myself entirely to the depths of addiction.

Adulthood Part 1

Following an abrupt divorce, I unfortunately fell victim to a psychopath. At the time I met him I was somewhat of a naive person. I did not believe that people who were incapable of feeling love really existed. I found out the hard way that they do exist and that they do want to hurt you.

He drew me into the world of drugs and isolated me from my friends and family. I was used sexually and he sexually abused me, severely at times. On a daily basis he subjected me to verbal and emotional abuse. I was manipulated in the form of gaslighting, brainwashing and guilt tripping to the extent that I often found myself in states of confusion, feeling anxious and in emotional distress. The abuse was extreme and lasted for a couple of years. By the end of the relationship I was severely traumatized, heart broken and spiritually destroyed. My mind was twisted into a knot. 

Adulthood Part 2

After years I eventually found the strength to break free from the clutches of the psychopath. I started my healing journey by meditating intently. Every day I meditated on my chakras for hours on end. After only two weeks my crown chakra and heart chakra cracked wide open, triggering an intense spiritual awakening. The more I meditated the deeper I found myself sinking into a depression, I was unraveling myself, shedding the old and embodying the new. It took me about a year to restate myself into a somewhat balanced living. 

My life took an unexpected turn when I met my twin flame, who happened to be a full on narcissist and an energy healer.

It turns out he has a deep obsession with energy healing and convinced me to receive healing from him, due to all of its positive effects. Eventually, we came to an agreement that if I receive an extensive amount of healing, in return, I would meditate daily for world peace. In the course of an entire year I received about 10-15 hours of healing per day. 

He was able to heal all the traumas I had experienced from childhood to adulthood and removed the torment I suffered during my time with the psychopath. The healing process was intense and not easy, it required me to be resilient and to have a strong psyche. I confronted and processed a massive amount of trauma gathered over 35 years during the short period of a year. It is a wonder I am alive today! Please, Do Not Do This At Home! When another person removes trauma from you and gives you healing, it comes with a price! We are supposed to heal ourselves, not “cheat” our way into ascending.


I am drug free! I sit and meditate and perform energy healing for 7-10 hours a day in the forests of Stockholm. I mainly work with 300-400 year old oak trees, since they absorb and clear meridians in the fastest smoothest way possible. I am of service to humanity by absorbing peoples traumas, sadness, anger, anxiety in an exponential way just by standing next to them. (I live a life mainly in isolation because of this). 

I help homeless people in my community by washing their clothes and letting them shower in my home. Additionally, I am dedicated to providing valuable content through the blog posts I write, striving to be of service in every way I can. I genuinely hope you find them beneficial and helpful. 

As this blog is still in its early stages, at the moment, the only service I am offering is distant healing. If you are interested, I am available to provide distant healing sessions for a nominal fee or on a donation basis.

In the near future I will create online courses, give you spiritual guidance and coaching and hopefully help you heal through art therapy.

With love, peace and understanding of one another..

Warm loving hugs,

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